Hello Ron,

July 2019. Thanks so much for a wonderful trip to your Lodge in Alaska. As a safari company owner I know what it takes to meet the expectations of all our great customers. From the food,to the fishing and sightseeing, you covered it all. What a wonderful place you have. See you next year again in 2020. Please have anyone interested in your Lodge email me anytime.

Thanks Again.

Phillip Kruger/ph/Owner
Chattaronga Safari Co
Vixford/Zimbabwe. SA
+27 83 305 5371

Dear Ron,

Thanks so much for a wonderful time in Alaska 2019. Awesome fishing and sightseeing. From the 50 pound king I caught to the sockeye fishing and halibut it was wonderful. That seafood dinner was off the charts! Thanks again as Jodi and I had a great time.

Frank and Jodi Smith
International Trophy Outfitters
Atlanta, GA

Hello Ron Fay!

I would like to touch bases now that I have arrived back in Arizona. What a wonderful time I had in Alaska at Moose Creek Lodge. The Kenai River and your place are so beautiful. The highlight was the Brown Bear viewing at Crescent Lake in Katmai park. Thank you so much!!!! I will never forget the Brown Bears twenty five feet away catching and eating red salmon. And the water color is so blue. I will be back next year in 2020. So Awesome!

Karen McRae
Tucson, AZ

What a trip! Thanks very much Ron and staff for another great trip in 2019. Best year so far after 15 years visiting your Lodge. Great king [55 pounds] and sockeye fishing off your docks. We had a blast once again visiting with you and the Girls. Wonderful seafood dinner and the breakfasts were awesome. We really liked the Moose Sausage. Please feel free to post this on your web site for anyone to read.
Thanks Again,

Mike Runyan
Pueblo, CO

Hello Ron!

Tim and I are back home in Colorado and we wanted to thank you once again for the wonderful time at Moose Creek Lodge. I feel out of the last 15 years this year was one of the best times we have had. Fantastic fishing and great time. Hope to visit in 2021 and I know it will be hard to beat 2019. We will be in touch. If you need a contact referral please post this if you like.

Your Friend,

Tom Welte
Pueblo, CO

Hi Ron,

After 10 years of visiting your lodge with my Father it was good to visit again. Sad it was without my Father this year but I know he was with me when I landed the huge king this year on the Kenai. I want to thank you so much for the wonderful times you and your Daughter, Allison have given our Family through the years. Make sure you have us down for 2018. See you soon.

Carol Tuller
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Ron, Thanks for a super trip in 2017 to your Lodge in Alaska. After several years of talking with friends that have visited you I decided to take my father on a trip to Alaska. All I can say is thank you so much for the memories that will last a lifetime! From your first class guides, fantastic fishing off the docks, great accommodations, and your wonderful and helpful Daughters, what more could we ask for. If you run into anyone that would like more info on our trip to Moose Creek Lodge please have them email me anytime and I will fill them in on our trip. After limiting on Kings, Halibut, and sockeye It was great to enjoy the river roll by. Dad had a great time visiting with you and the Girls also. See you in 2019.

Bryan Ribaudo,
Pueblo, CO

 Hi Ron,

Thanks again for another great trip to your lodge on the Kenai River. Ryan and I had a fantastic time as usual. Great trip for a Father and Son. I wear my
Moose Creek shirt and drink out of my Moose Creek coffee cup often.
Thanks Again and see you in 2019. If you need anyone to contact me that would be great as we can talk Alaska Fishing.

Mitch and Ryan Hewlett
Wheaton, IL

 Hello Ron,

We here in Michigan hope all is great with you. I wanted to give a review on our trip to Alaska in 2017. Nothing short of fantastic! Lots of Kings, halibut, and the sockeye fishing off your dock was awesome. Thanks for treating our group with such great care. Doubt if I will ever beat my 70 pound king.

Dr. Frank
Jackson, MI

 Hi Ron and Allison,

What a trip!!! Thanks very much for treating our group so well. This being my first time to Alaska and with some seasoned fishing friends was awesome. The king salmon fishing in the Kenai River was way better than I expected. And the halibut and Bear viewing/fishing fly out was an experience I will never forget. The Halibut, salmon and crab dinner was off the charts. We are all shooting for 2019. Thanks again for a fantastic trip. If you have anyone that wants to speak to me about fishing at your place have them email me anytime.

Lupe Pueblo
Las Vegas, NV

 Dear Ron,

Thanks again for a great time at Moose Creek Lodge. Wonderful fishing and food. It was great to get out of the heat. See you in 2019. I don’t know if it can get any better than 2017. Please feel free to post this review on your web site.
Awesome Vacation!

Steve Marx
Las Vegas, NV

 Hi Ron,

I wanted to get you a couple photos of the 70 pound salmon that your guide Josh put us on during our trip this year to Moose Creek Lodge. It was a great experience to see a fish of that size up close and even more rewarding to watch him swim away to continue his journey upstream to spawn in the mighty Kenai. We all had a great time on our fishing trip to Alaska, thanks for making the whole experience so enjoyable.
I hope you continue to have a great season! If anyone would like to talk Fishing at Moose Creek Lodge in Alaska have them email anytime.
Tight Lines,

Tyler Rath
Viroqua, WI

 Dear Ron,

Another wonderful trip to Alaska! Twenty years ago I was lucky enough to hear about you, your Daughters and your Lodge on the River. Thank you so very much for all you do for me and my family every year we come up to visit. Although the fishing with you and your guides seems to always be off the charts we know it has to do with your hard work. You make sure every detail is covered and that is why we keep coming back to your lodge on the River. See you in 2019.

Your Friends,
The Cernac’s
Pueblo, Colorado

 Dear Ron and Allison,

Molly and I are back home now in Kansas and we wanted to let you know what an awesome time we had at your place in Alaska. Even though the fishing was very enjoyable and we caught halibut and kings. The best part was how you and Allison, Your Daughter, interacted with all of your guests. After staying with another outfitter a few times and deciding to change, we feel lucky to have found you on the internet. The quality of your Lodge and cabins, the fishing docks, and your wonderful friendly long time clients [like Carol Tuller] made our trip so wonderful. We will be back soon. Please post this on your web page with my contact.

Thanks so much,
John and Molly Simmering
Hesston, Kansas

 Hello Ron,

It’s hard to believe its been 10 years now that we have been visiting your Lodge on the Kenai River in Alaska. What a great fishing trip this has been in 2017. From the great halibut and rock fish to the huge kings, we had it all. The added fishing for sockeye off your dock was also a treat. From your special guides to your attention to detail in every way I would like to say thank you for making our family and friends trips to Alaska memorable beyond compare.

Thanks so Much,
Your Friends,
The Willis Family
Jackson, Michigan

 Dear Ron Fay,

After visiting your Lodge on the Kenai River now for four years we thought it was time to let you know what a great time we have every season at your Lodge. Our trips through the years to Sitka were fun but the variety of fresh and saltwater fishing you have is nothing short of awesome. By far the huge king I landed in July 2017 is the hog I have been looking for. Please feel free to have anyone looking for a first class trip to Alaska fishing to contact me anytime.

George Stewart
Las Vegas, NV

 Hi Ron and Allison,

What an Incredible place to stay! With a family of five, we couldn’t have asked for a more accommodating and knowledgeable host than Ron Fay. Started the days with Fantastic hot country breakfasts and spent the evenings enjoying the fantastic Kenai river view from Ron’s fantastic property. We spotted a Moose across the river and watched it graze on the trees for a half hour. Through Ron, we had access to his phenomenal fishing guides and received great restaurant recommendations. The fresh king crab, salmon, and halibut dinner at Moose Creek Lodge was off the charts. Ron! If you have anyone thinking about visiting you in Alaska please feel free to have them contact us any time.

The Davey Family
Southold, New York


 Dear Ron,

I would like to express my thanks for a great trip to your lodge in August, 2015. We had many choices on the internet as none of us had ever been to your area of Alaska. As a group of retirees from Hormel Corp it was great to get together again. I would recommend your lodge to any corporate groups or friends that want to have a wonderful trip to Alaska. From the food, fishing, rooms, and your daughters hospitality we couldn’t ask for more. Thank you so much again for all you did for us. By the way. The fresh king crab, salmon, and halibut dinner was off the charts.

Russ Potter
Montgomery, Texas

Hello Ron!

I wanted to take the time to let you know what a fantastic time my friends from Peru and I had again at your lodge on the kenai river. The king and sockeye fishing seems to be just as good as when we first visited in 2000. We hope to have a group next year in 2016. Hard to believe we all landed big kings and lots of sockeye. Great food, guides and fishing. Thanks so much again and if anyone would like to email me and ask about fishing at your lodge please add my address on your web site.

Manny Carrera
Edwardo Salinas
San Borja, Lima Peru


My Brother and I would like to thank you for the [trip of a lifetime] to your lodge in Alaska. Great rainbow fishing along with halibut and silver salmon. The weather and flyout Brown Bear viewing was awesome. We are planning our 2016 trip.

Thanks so much,
Jim and Tony Benfatti
Pueblo, CO

 Dear Mr. Fay,

I would like to thank you for an awesome fishing and sightseeing trip to Alaska in August, 2015. I am so glad I found you on the internet. Me living in Washington DC made a difficult choice for a lodge to choose on the internet. I want to say I had a great time, caught more fish than I ever thought possible and am glad I became friends with you and your daughters. Please post my halibut picture on your web site and have anyone email me and I will let them know how great your place is. Thank you so much. I hope to visit with my brothers next year.

Stoney Hopkins
Washington DC


Thanks to you and your Daughters for another fantastic trip to Alaska in 2015. Three generations of our family now have been to Moose Creek. From the food, to the fishing all were first class again. I have a picture of our guided sockeye fishing trip with Josh. Please feel free to post it on your testimonial page and if anyone wants to email us we would be glad to visit about Alaska fishing. Hard to believe we started visiting you in 1999. Thanks so much.

Your Friends,
Steve, Mark, Wayne Rehovsky
Oakes, North Dakota

Hello Ron Fay,

If you have anyone thinking about bring their Son or Daughter to Alaska please have them email me for a true assessment of our trip to your place. Absolutely outstanding is all I can say. Please feel free to post our picture of our [dock fishing] from your lodge in our [spare time] Great memories and a trip to cherish with my Daughter Isabel. 2015

Richard and Isabel Manzanares
Grand Junction, Colorado

Hello Ron,

 Thanks for another fantastic trip! It was great to see the
kings come back this year after a few years of low numbers. Between the kings, sockeye and halibut we limited on them all on our 2015 trip. Thanks again for all the wonderful trips to your lodge through the years. You and Allison really know how to take care of us. We will be back next year with a group from Colorado. Please feel free to have anyone interested in visiting your lodge email me anytime. We love to talk Alaska Fishing!

Thanks again,

Mike and Jan Stiles
Pueblo, Co

Dear Ron,

 Fantastic Fishing! I always have a good time when we get together fishing on the awesome Kenai River. Thanks for everything and I hope to beat this 60 pound record next year. Can’t wait for the mount to be done.

Your Friend,

Jim Ambrosini

Dear Ron,

Thank you very much for a great trip to your lodge June 19-22nd, 2015. Even though we had a flight and arrival problem and ended up a day late you still made our trip one to remember. Great fishing and great food. Please feel free to have any of your prospects call us anytime for a real evaluation of your lodge and fishing. Super trip 2015. Thanks again.

Bill Schlink
Everett, WA 206-226-6688

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